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Yaitza “JZ” Marrero

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Jz  has a BA in Theatre Arts, with an Emphasis in Performance. She also is currently pursuing my BFA in Creative Writing. Her areas of expertise also include experience with LMS and Blackboard Learn as a developer, builder and content evaluation alongside Instructional Design principles for online learning. In general, she's well acclimated to working with online courses, faculty members, course outlines and the construction of online courses to ensure they 'make sense' to the student/reader and meet state accessibility requirements alongside usability. Accessibility is a HUGE thing for her as well as making sure classes 'make sense' for students. Her son for example, will be undergoing testing to see where he may be on the autism spectrum as his doctor  both suspect he may be a bit autistic. She wants to make sure that when he goes to college, should he decide to take online classes, his classes will presumably be challenging as all classes are but that they are ALSO accessible for him. So, no silly fonts, no odd colors, the outline is organized, the webpage provides the ability to be read by a screen reader, etc. So many of our own theatre artists suffer because they want to take classes or even memorize a script but have difficulty reading scripts, textbooks or seeing pictures because they're color blind or are dyslexic. Even the many websites we visit aren't accessible to artists simply because a screen reader can't pick up the words or the coloring provides harsh contrasts to the color of the fonts. So that's a little bit on some of her skill sets within the educational field.

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