Land acknowledgment

We encourage all peoples living on Turtle Island–what is currently known as "The Americas"–to learn of the original peoples and caretakers of the lands they may reside on. 

Black lives matter

Our Mission

To provide productions that bolster and enrich the presence of marginalized artists from our communities.

Our vision

We aspire to provide artistic opportunities for intersectional narratives that foster progressive dialogue. We will pursue workshopping, developing, and producing new works that center the diverse nature of our audiences. We are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion.


In The Margin Theatre Company

In the Margin began in 2015 as a response to institutional racism at an institute of higher education. As the only cohort in the theatre department that was composed of marginalized peoples, we were systematically and intentionally deprived of training and opportunities for professional development. As young theatre professionals in need of opportunity, we created In The Margin to make our own opportunities by developing and producing our own work.


We continue to expand and create through multiple mediums. Our ensemble is comprised of multifaceted artists from marginalized backgrounds, producing underrepresented work for, and by, underrepresented people. We continue to carve out space in the ever-changing American Theatre and contribute to the shift of the status quo. Our works are rooted in authenticity leading with the hearts of our communities. 


We commit to standing in solidarity with all black communities and supporting the pursuit and attainment of justice. We hold ourselves accountable in dismantling anti-blackness within ourselves, those we serve, and within our art.

B L A C K  L I V E S  M A T T E R

B L A C K  T R A N S  L I V E S  M A T T E R 

A L L  B L A C K  L I V E S  M A T T E R