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Ana is a US citizen, and she's the cool middle school kid who gets into trouble. Kitty is undocumented, and she's the smart, quirky nerd. And they're best friends, though Ana is jealous of Kitty's intelligence. Still, Ana helps Kitty hide in her grandma's secret annex after an ICE raid and a White supremacist shooting. But when Ana loses the election for school president to Kitty, her jealousy turns to anti-immigrant sentiment. Will their friendship survive?

Creative Team:

Director: Gaby Rodriguez

Playwright: Enrique Muñoz Ramirez

Co- Producer: Sonia Álvarez

Sound Designer: Roberto Hernandez 

Director of Production: Edgar Alamo

Managing & MEDIA Director: Fran A.

Executive Director: Amber Ball

Artistic Director: Réal Vargas Alanis


Jovita Molina - Female Ensemble

Carmen Retzer - Ana

Valentina Silva - Kitty

Rose Van Dyne - Yonny

Jonathan Contreras - Male Ensemble

Director 's Note:

"Para los niños trabajamos, porque los niños son los que saben querer, porque los niños son la esperanza del mundo." - Jose Marti


Dear Kitty...Querida Ana... allows us to see the ugly and the beautiful of our world through the eyes of three wonderful kids. There are so many children that are suffering from the selfish decisions of adults that don't take into consideration the future of the world. This show is a doorway into understanding the effect those decisions have on the kids. Kitty and Ana are forced to take different paths in life, not because of their merits nor because they wanted to, but because political decisions dictated how far each of them could go. My hope is that with this story people realize that we are constantly impacting the future of our society by the way we limit kids and the way we decide who gets access to opportunities and whose life ends as a news segment from a border concentration camp. 


It is also a play that shows us the value of family and the joys that come with it. No matter the hardships and the circumstances, this two families stay together and continue to dream till the very end. No one resigns themself to the status of their immigration papers, but rather they choose to live life to the fullest and enjoy each others company until the very end. They hold on to their American Dream until the end, and even when some are no longer there, the others carry their legacy. 

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Please be advised that this production contains depictions of gun violence and hate crimes.

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