Esaúl vargas

Aka: Cap Vargas / Capvara


Music songwriter, producer, audio/visual content creator.

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, He started playing guitar and drums at a young age, followed by keys and vocals. Then started different music projects; from punk to dream/freak pop. He performed at different shows and venues around the city as part of a big wave of underground music movement in the late 00’s under the name “ IWU”, exploring different ways of sound, and visuals content (programming computers, digital work stations, circuit bending toys, 8 bits, synthesis, sound design and music production). He released a 6 track EP in 2008 titled; “sabor limón”. In 2012 he started to collaborate with other musicians, composing and performing with them under the name “versus”. They had shows at different bars, venues and massive events like GDL pride.

In 2015 he moved to the US and kept working on his solo project titled; “Cap Vargas”. He released an EP that same year titled; “El Sol”.


Currently lives in Northern California and is working on an album,  still writing and collaborating with other musicians and working on new visual material.